Bette Midler Website

The Divine Miss M’s website featuring news, photos, video archives, previous musical and cinematic works, upcoming albums and tour dates, and even a store. The site gets an updated theme seasonally or with big news updates such as tour announcement or album promotions, showcasing her eclectic career and charm.

In the latest rebuild, early 2016, the goal was to minimize and simplify while keeping the news section a featured page for events, video and audio content, as well as a place to stream her Twitter thoughts and book recommendations.

This was achieved by moving away from a single page scrolling site that was not optimized for mobile to a multi-page mobile first site where Bette fans can stay up to date on their favorite performer. Responsible for designing and iterating interface elements and front-end development collaborating on GitHub using WordPress, Javascript, Grunt and SASS.

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Past Versions


Original single page scrolling site.


Splash page updates for tour and album promos